‘KALA’ is a sound. It’s similar to the sound of कला as in ‘Art’, कल as in ‘Tomorrow’.

I like to believe it’s a message that says ‘Tomorrow is made of Art’. Kala is also Black. I call myself KALA.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Computational Arts. I was born and raised in various parts of India and am currently looking for opportunities based out of London.

I love how a few pieces of binary instruction can conjure life-like, real-time systems. The multiplicity of generative art as a tool for content creation, interactive installation and an overall inclusion of technology as an intelligent co-creator rather than a static enslaved tool, is where my passion lies.

I am proficient in using the Adobe Creative Suit, though my tools of choice of late have been p5.js, three.js and open frameworks(C++). Also really keen on exploring the Web 3.0 spaces.